Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines

The most important thing in preventing infection is to maintain an adequate safety distance (at least 2 meters) with other people, to avoid physical contact, and to take care of hand hygiene and cough hygiene. It is good to keep safety distances in mind when using the elevator and in other common areas of the buildings!

The use of face masks is recommended in all situations where safety distances cannot be maintained. The use of a face mask does not diminish the importance of keeping safety distance, hand hygiene and cough hygiene.

No private or public gatherings should be attended to while sick. In addition, gatherings of more than 10 people should be avoided.

Even if you use a face mask as recommended, you can still get a corona infection. Everyone should book a time for a corona test immediately if they get symptoms of a respiratory infection. In case you have any symptoms, do not move outside your home, except when taking the corona test. You have to wear a face mask on the way there and back.

It is good for our tenants who use shared kitchens in particular, to keep in mind good hand and cough hygiene, safety distances and that the use of a shared kitchen with any flu symptoms should be avoided as much as possible. It is recommended to use a face mask in shared kitchens.

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