Services at the office

Customer service

Our office will serve clients face-to-face in matters related to picking up keys and fingerprint registrations for the gym on weekdays only between 12 noon and 3.30 pm. Note! At the moment fingerprint registrations for the gym are not done, you can register your fingerprint at the office starting on 6 September 2022.

Most matters related to your tenancy can be handled through online services at You can reach us also by email, phone and chat during the office’s normal opening hours Mon-Fri 9 am-3.30 pm.

Information on picking up the keys on 1st of each month will be announced separately.

The saunas, common rooms, gyms, laundries and common kitchens

All common areas of the locations are normally in use for the tenants. Please use them with good hygiene and safety measures in mind.

Maintenance work and home visits related to fault reports

During maintenance and repair work based on a fault report made by the tenant, the contractor will enter the apartment with no separate announcement. If the tenant gives permission to use the master key when making a fault report, the maintenance (first rings the doorbell) inquires when entering the apartment what is the tenant’s state of health. If the tenant is not home, the work is done normally. If the tenant has prohibited the use of master key on the fault report, they must answer when the maintenance person calls in order for the work to be done.

In maintenance and repair works announced by TOAS, you are always asked to indicate separately if it is not allowed to enter your apartment with a master key. If the tenant has not contacted the contractor, they will come to the apartment with a master key and proceed in the same way as in the event of a fault report. During the work, workers wear face masks and protective gloves.

The aim is that the tenants are not in the same room as the person doing the repair work. If possible, it would be best to be away from the apartment or in another room during the maintenance or repair work. From the point of view of work performance and occupational safety, it is very important that the tenant informs the person coming to the apartment on their own initiative if there is a person in the apartment who is ill, exposed or quarantined due to the corona virus.

Final inspections

Final inspections will be done normally.

It is the responsibility of the moving tenant to notify us if there is a sick, exposed or quarantined person in the apartment in order for us to ensure safe working in the apartment.

Shared apartments

In shared apartments, it is especially important to pay attention to the rules of living in a shared apartment, read more.

Information about covid:

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare website
Tampere University Hospital TAYS website
National corona counselling service: Tel. 0295 535 535.
Tampere University Hospital corona counselling service: Tel. +358 3 311 65333 (open every day 24 hours).