Corona related arrangements

Customer service

TOAS office doors are closed for customers. The office will only serve tenants face-to-face in matters that cannot be handled through online services or via phone (e.g. picking up keys, registrations for gyms).  The door is closed and the customer must call the office when arriving to the door, at which point the door will be opened during our opening hours. Come to the office alone to pick up the key. Please keep your business inside the office short and quick.

Note!  The key cannot be picked up from the office when sick or even with mild symptoms or if you are in quarantine. In that case, authorize someone else to pick up the key for you.

Most matters related to your tenancy can be handled through online services at You can reach us also by email, phone and chat during the office’s normal opening hours Mon-Fri 9 am-3.30 pm.

Information on picking up the keys on 1st of each month will be announced separately.

The saunas, common rooms, gyms, laundries and common kitchens

Do not use any common areas if you are ill or even with mild symptoms. Follow good hygiene and safety distances as well as other instructions given by the authorities.

The locations’ saunas, laundries and gyms are in use for the tenants but the above instructions must be followed. Common sauna shifts are not in use.

The use of the common kitchens also continue normally, but good hygiene and special precautions must be followed. The cleaning of the common kitchens has been enhanced, yet it is the responsibility of every tenant to keep the kitchen clean after use.

Maintenance work and home visits related to fault reports

Maintenance visits and repairs to the apartments are done normally by following the protection instructions of the authorities. Related to the corona epidemic, the tenant is required to notify if there is a sick, exposed or quarantined person in the apartment to ensure safe working in the apartment.

Final inspections and preliminary inspections in shared apartments

Preliminary inspections of shared apartments will not be done for the time being. Otherwise, the final inspections will be done normally.

It is the responsibility of the moving tenant to notify us if there is a sick, exposed or quarantined person in the apartment in order for us to ensure safe working in the apartment.

Tenant Committee and other gatherings

During this exceptional time, tenants must take into account the instructions given by the authorities, in particular with regarding the number of people in gatherings, the safety distance and good hygiene.  Tenants in shared apartment in particular, should pay attention to co-tenants, taking care of good hygiene and minimizing guests.

Shared apartments

In shared apartments, it is especially important to pay attention to the rules of living in a shared apartment, read more.

Have a nice autumn!


More information:
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare website
Tampere University Hospital TAYS website
National corona counselling service: Tel. 0295 535 535.
Tampere University Hospital corona counselling service: Tel. +358 3 311 65333 (open every day 24 hours).