Changes in TOAS’s application service


We have expanded and diversified the student’s apartment search possibilities. Since the beginning of February, it has been possible to apply for several different apartment types with studio and family apartment applications. The reform enables, for example, to simultaneously apply for a basic studio apartment as well as, for example, a community studio apartment and/or a loft studio apartment with a studio apartment application.

As always, you can still apply for apartments in several different living locations with one application. The applicant can also set restrictions regarding the size and rent of the apartment in their application.

Due to the above possibilities, the system has many different types of applications. In addition, the housing situation changes all the time due to the arrival of new applications, the acceptance of offers and the cancellation of applications. A change in one application can change the situation for other applicants in several locations.

The application status changes in real time all the time. For this reason, it will not be possible to assign a ranking number to applications in the future, which would truly tell the applicant information about the status of the applications.

The criteria for tenant selection remain the same as before.

The average and indicative waiting times for different locations and apartment types can be found on TOAS’s website.