Celebrating student life – TOAS 60 years

Join our anniversary celebrations!

This year, there will be a record number of TOAS events in celebration of our 60-year journey. Above all else, dear students, we are celebrating you and together with you! The year’s most eagerly anticipated event will definitely be the Synttärisärkkä birthday celebration held at the Särkänniemi amusement park in August.

“Synttärisärkkä is a traditional event for us, but this year it is even more special. We don’t want to reveal all the details yet, but I’m sure it will be a fun and memorable event for all TOAS tenants. More details on the event will be revealed in May,” TOAS Housing Service Director Pia Ylimäki enthuses.

“We have also challenged our tenant committees to come up with new, communal events and activities. Plans for these are progressing well, and we will be able to tell you more about them during the spring as the plans proceed,” Ylimäki continues.

TOAS’s digital services have also been updated and they will continue to be developed over the coming year. TOAS website is a great example of this update, both visually and contentwise.

“In celebration of our anniversary, we are raising the Synttärisärkkä event held in August to a whole new level”

Encounters and shared activities

For 60 years, we have offered students reasonably priced housing. We will continue this
important work in 2019. A student’s day-to-day life is like a patchwork, consisting of multiple different pieces, and figuring out where to live is not the least nor the easiest of them. We wish to ensure that this piece fits in right where it should, leaving students enough time and money for all the rest of it.

Our tenants’ expectations and wishes as well as how they are doing are crucial information for us in making student life and housing easier. We need to be easily accessible in all everyday matters, both big and small. For this reason, our focal themes this year are encounters, communality and dialogue. Let’s make this a year to remember!

Focus on our main task – reasonably priced and centrally located housing

Our clientele comprises students, most of who are young adults. For them, ecological housing with communal facilities is often important. Young people change fast and their consumer behaviours and lifestyle choices are in constant flux. This poses a challenge to TOAS’s operating practices, while at the same time providing us with a fantastic view of the future of student housing. We try to approach things from new perspectives, every day. For TOAS homes of the future, this means adaptability and timelessness.

“We will do our best to advance our current construction projects over the coming year. Nothing would be a better anniversary present for both TOAS and student housing in general than being able to tell students more about the progress of our construction projects and plans during our anniversary year as well as to hear the students’ views on them. So here’s to getting the planning permissions we need,” TOAS Managing Director Kirsi Koski muses.