Applying to the apartments of Hennansampo


The application period to Hennansampo is now open. You can add this location to you application from 28th of March 2019. Information about the rents will be updated during the summer. We will start offering the apartments in the fall of 2019, more detailed schedule will be announced later.

The apartments will be offered in queue according to the filing date of the application. The applicants who already have an application can now add Hennansampo to their application. The applicants who do not yet have a valid application will submit a new application where Hennansampo can be added as a location that is applied for. There is no separate application for Hennansampo, you can add this location to your current application. If you do not have an application at the moment, you can submit a new application for Hennansampo and all other locations of your choice.