Application period for new international students of spring semester 2020


The international online application (furnished rooms for new international exchange and degree students) for spring semester 2020 will be opened on the TOAS web site on October 15th at 9:00 (UTC+2:00).

Note that you can submit the international application even though you have not yet received the acceptance to a university in Tampere. We will check your acceptance from the university before we confirm your reservation at the final stage. If we have reserved you a room and you do not get accepted to the university, the reservation will be cancelled.
This application is meant only for those new international students, who will start their exchange-, Bachelor- or Master degree studies in spring semester 2020 in a university in Tampere (Tampere University central, Kauppi or Hervanta campus or TAMK Tampere University of Applied Sciences).

Read all the information about the application, apartment types and the tenancy agreement here. The online application link will be also provided on October 15th 2019 9:00 (UTC +2:00) in that link. Notice! You must write your passport number OR EU identification number on the application, so make sure to have the number available when submitting the application. When you fill in the application, don’t leave any fields empty. Notice, that if you want to wish for a specific building, area, rent amount or apartment type, or to live with a friend, this must be clearly written on the “wishes concerning the application”- field. We do not accept any wishes made after submitting the application!

The application has been successfully submitted when you see a “Your application has been submitted” text and receive a confirmation email (check your junk mail as well). If you see a white blank site, then the application will not come through. Please notice that the offers are made manually and it might take some weeks to get the accommodation offer via email.

NOTICE: you may fill in the application only once.  You will receive only one offer with the application.