Aparment offers for Hippos 5E and 5F houses as of 19 June, form for wishes open 12-16 June


Sending the apartment offers for Hippos location’s first two houses 5E and 5F will start on Wednesday 19th June 2024. The apartments are offered based on the original submission date of the application.

Applicants can leave a wish regarding the apartment (e.g. floor). Wishes are collected via the form below between 12th and 16th June. Please note that wishes are taken into account, but not all can be fulfilled.

The two houses have studios and 2-room and 3-room family apartments. At the end of the year, loft apartments will also be completed on the lowest floor and the schedule for those will be announced later.

Studio applications have their own form and family applications have their own.

The houses will be completed in August, and the tenancy agreements will start on September 1st, 2024. Get to know the location!


Wish form for studio applicants

Wish form for family apartment applicants