Acting in exceptional situations and preparing for them


The situation in Ukraine has understandably raised questions related to e.g. to the security of one’s own living location or area, although there is currently no concrete threat to Finland. However, it is good for everyone to be aware of the rescue plan for their own house and also to get to know it with time.

Each living location’s own rescue plan can be found on our website on the location’s own site and in myTOAS. The rescue plan also contains information on the air raid shelter of the residential area. If the location does not have its own air raid shelter, the residents must act in accordance with the instructions of the rescue service. The city of Tampere is responsible for providing an air raid shelter for those whose living location does not have any. All TOAS shelters with their equipment and supplies can be put into service if required and have undergone the required periodic inspections. The transition to the air raid shelter is always after an order from the authorities.