Applying for a Furnished Apartment We recommend this option to new exchange degree students. This application process provides you a fixed term agreement.

Application periods and fixed term tenancy agreements

The International application will be opened on our website once the application period begins. The application period for the fall semester is from May until June and for the spring semester from middle of October to November.

You will receive an apartment offer via e-mail, so make sure you give us the right e-mail address.

Note that you can submit the international application even though you have not yet received the acceptance to a university in Tampere. We will check your acceptance from the university before we confirm your reservation at the final stage. If we have reserved you a room and you do not get accepted to the university, the reservation will be cancelled.

This application process provides you a fixed term agreement: there is a fixed ending date in the tenancy agreement and the agreement cannot be ended before that. Fixed term agreements are valid from 1.8.–31.12. or 1.8.–31.5. (Except Pinja: tenancy agreement will start from August 15th). Fixed term agreements for the spring semester are valid from 1.1.–31.5.

The agreement can be extended, if needed

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Take Notice!

  • Once you have paid the deposit, the reservation is a binding agreement.
  • In case your studies in Tampere get cancelled, contact TOAS immediately. The reservation is valid even if you do not pick up the key.
  • TOAS accepts only direct bank transfers
  • The application period might be shorter than announced, if there are too many applicants.
  • In a shared apartment the students are the same gender: living in a shared apartment with a different gender friend is not an option.

Submitting the Application

  • The application has been successfully submitted when the site gives you a summary of your application or you receive a confirmation email (check your junk mail as well).
  • You may submit only one application and you will receive only one offer.
  • It is not possible to make changes to your application after applying. Submitting the application again is not allowed.
  • We will offer you a room as close to your university as possible. If all the rooms at the closest possible locations are reserved, then TOAS will offer you accommodation in some other location.
  •  You may write down your wishes to the application. We will do our best to fulfill them, but due to a limited availability we cannot guarantee to provide everything you desired.

About Our Apartments

  • The rooms DO NOT include any kitchenware or beddings (no duvets or pillows, except for 145 Pinja)
  • You can bring your own bedding (sheets, duvets, pillow and pillow cover) and towels with you, or you can buy them after your arrival.
  • TOAS does not provide any kitchenware. The universities’ student unions may have some “survival kits” available.
  • Tenants are responsible for cleaning their own rooms+ the common areas in the apartment (shared apartment) or common kitchens (Pinja, Lapinkaari).
  • All locations have Internet access. We will provide more information when you arrive in Tampere.
  • Locations with WiFi connection: shared apartments in Lukonkruuti and Rauhaniemi.

Receiving and Accepting an Apartment Offer

After submitting the International application, wait patiently for an apartment offer. TOAS will send you one apartment offer via email based on our current availability, your place of study and your possible wishes within 2-6 weeks after applying. Notice, that due to a limited availability TOAS cannot guarantee to fulfill all wishes.

The offer will be valid for seven (7) working days. You will need to pay the required deposit payment 375€ (300€ is the refundable deposit payment and 75€ is a non-refundable reservation fee) by the given deadline.

Pay the deposit by the given deadline. Otherwise the offer will expire and the room will be offered to the next student in the queue. When the offer has been made, you will be immediately deleted from the queue.

We will not make you a second offer. If you fill in a second application before receiving any offer, the second application will delete the first one and you will be located lower in the queue and it will take longer to receive an offer. We do not recommend you to reject the offer, as it is the best possible offer you will receive.

Paying the Deposit

The deposit payment details will be given in the offer email. It is required to write your FULL NAME and the address of the offered room to your payment. If someone else makes the payment in your behalf, it is extremely important that YOUR FULL NAME is written on the message field of the payment. Otherwise we are not able to allocate the payment to your reservation.

Once we have received your deposit payment, the reservation will be changed into an official tenancy agreement.

You will also receive an email confirmation with additional information (keys etc).

All the tenancy agreements in furnished rooms will be made for fixed period of time, in the fall semester for 1.8.–31.12. or 1.8.–31.5. and in the spring semester from 1.1. to 31.5. It is not possible to terminate a fixed term agreement before the given ending date.

Rental Payments

The deposit payment does NOT cover any rents. In general, once the tenancy agreement is valid, the tenant is responsible for the rents during the tenancy agreement. Pay your rent by the due date given in the tenancy agreement and the rental invoice each month regardless of your physical location.

TOAS will send you the rental payment details via email before your agreement starts.

You can pay several month’s rent at once, as a one payment, in advance. The rents must be paid by the deadline, which is always the 6th of the month.

We accepts only direct money transfers.

Also Finnish banks no longer accept cash payments. If you want to use  your credit card, please contact your bank for assistance.

Read More: Rental Payments

Your Keys

You can pick up the keys to your accommodation from TOAS office from the 1st working day of August/January onwards, during the office hours. Our office is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 3:30pm. On the first and last working day of the month the office is open from 8:15am to 5pm.

If it is not possible for you to pick up the keys during the office hours, contact your university. TOAS can give your key only to a tutor assigned by your university. Only the university can inform TOAS the name of the tutor.

Our Cancellation Policy

Once we have received your deposit payment, the reservation will be changed into an official tenancy agreement.

In case your studies in Tampere gets cancelled, contact TOAS immediately.

The reservation is valid even if you do not pick up the key, so informing TOAS is critical. In case of a late cancellation, the deposit payment will be kept to cover the first rent.


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