Printable forms

Preliminary agreement 

If you have received an apartment offer, you may accept the apartment with the preliminary agreement if you are unable to make the tenancy agreement at TOAS office. A link to the preliminary agreement is sent along the offer letter.

Key transfer agreement

If the keys are exchanged between a new tenant and the tenant moving out, the key transfer agreement must be delivered to TOAS office.

Temporary assignment of a residential apartment

If you assign your apartment temporarily to someone else, fill in this form and deliver it to TOAS office. TOAS office will send a copy to both parties.

Giving notice form

You may terminate your tenancy or car parking agreement with this form. The form must be delivered to TOAS office at least one calendar month before the end of the agreement.

Printable application for housing

You can print out the application and send it to TOAS office (in special situations only).