New international students

Two ways to apply

There are two ways to apply: with an international application and an application for students who are already living in Finland. Students who arrive to Finland to study for the first time, can apply with the international application. The application period for the spring semester 2017 is closed. The application period for the the fall semester 2017 will be opened in mid-May 2017.

It is also possible to apply with the application meant for students who are already living in Finland, if there is no need for a furnished room/apartment. It is also necessary that students applying with the application for students already living in Finland have been accepted in a school in Tampere.

NOTE! Use only Internet Explorer to submit the application.

Application period for the fall semester 2017 will be opened in mid-May 2017.

Note! The application has been successfully submitted when you see a “Thank you!” text and receive a confirmation email (check your junk mail as well). You may submit only one application and you will receive only one offer.

Applying for furnished accommodations

As you are coming from abroad to study in one of the universities in Tampere (University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology or University of Applies Sciences TAMK), you can apply for a furnished apartment with the international application. Furnished means a room with a bed, a mattress, a table, a chair and a bookshelf. Normally TOAS apartments are unfurnished, so there are no beds or other furniture (except for 401 Mikontalo).

Note that you can already submit the international application even though you have not been accepted yet to a university in Tampere. We will check your acceptance from the university before we confirm your reservation at the final stage. If we have reserved you a room and you do not get accepted to the university, the reservation will be cancelled. 

You will be offered a room in a shared apartment, which means that each tenant has their own bedroom and a shared kitchen and a bathroom with two to four persons of the same gender. Shared room means that a tenant may share the bedroom up to four other persons of the same gender.

We cannot guarantee any specific room for you. You may write down your wishes to the application, but due to a limited availability we cannot guarantee to be able to offer what you wish for. Wishes made after submitting the application will not be considered! We will offer you a room as close to your university as possible. If all the rooms at the closest possible locations are reserved, then TOAS has the right to offer you some other location.

Application periods

For applying a home from TOAS, fill in an international application. For the fall semester, the application period is from middle of May to June and for the spring semester from middle of October to November. The application period might be closed sooner than announced, if there are too many applicants. You receive an apartment offer via e-mail, so make sure you give us the right e-mail address. After you receive the apartment offer you must pay the deposit (300€ + non-refundable reservation fee 75€) by the given deadline. These procedures ensures that you will have a home when you arrive to Tampere. Please note that TOAS accepts only direct bank transfers!

This application process provides you a fixed term agreement.  It means that there is an ending date for the rental contract in the agreement and it cannot be ended before that. The agreement can be extended, if needed. Fixed term agreements are valid from 1.8.–31.12. or 1.8.–31.5. Fixed term agreements for the spring semester are valid from 1.1.–31.5.  You should bring your own bedding (sheets, blanket, pillow and pillow cover) and towels with you, or you can buy them after your arrival. TOAS does not provide any kitchenware. Student unions of the universities may have some “survival kits” available.

NOTICE: Once you have paid the deposit payment, the reservation is a binding agreement. In case your studies to Tampere gets cancelled, contact TOAS immediately! The reservation is valid even if you do not pick up the key, so informing to TOAS is critical!

Furnished locations for new international students:

Locations of the accommodations

Accommodation will be reserved for you as close to your university as possible.  For having an accomodation as close to the universities as possible, students attending to University of Tampere and TAMK should apply for rooms in the locations; 145 Pinja, 155 City, 205 Rauhaniemi, 500 Lukonkierikka, 520 Lukonkruuti, 700 Sepontalo, 800 Reinola and 970 Lapinkaari. Students attending to Tampere University of Technology should apply for rooms in 401 Mikontalo, 420 Paawola, 440 Tuulanhovi and 470 Tekniikantornit. Get to know to the recidencies from HERE!

Applying unfurnished accommodations

In students already living in Finland application the rooms are mainly unfurnished, except for 401 Mikontalo where all shared apartments are always furnished. Agreements are signed as open ended, which means that there is not enging date in it. All of the agreements have a one calendar month giving notice time. All the applications are located in a queue. We cannot guarantee when you will be receiving an apartment offer since it depends on the availability and all the other students who are in the queue as well.